Saturday, May 23, 2009

Evan and Strawberries

Today I met a little boy on the Subway. His name was Evan and he was five years old. He as all decked out in Roca Wear (sp?) clothes (he told me they were all Roca Wear) ; a nice polo shirt, blue jeans, a baseball cap and brand new Nikes. Trying to make him feel like a 'big boy' I jokingly asked him if he could drive. He responded with an immediate yes, not only does he drive, but he has his drivers license, a red car and that it goes REALLY fast. I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, and he said a fireman because they are heroes. Once my stop came, I said goodbye to Evan and told him to be a good boy for his daddy (who he said was "big Evan"). As I walked up the stairs, I noticed that Evan had not yet stoped waving goodbye to me through the train window. My new friend Evan made my day :)

I walked through the prospect park farmers market, where I ate the most delecious strawberry of my life, and made my way into the park this afternoon. Hundreds of people were there today, enjoying the sunshine, the beautiful weather and eachother. I got some great pictures. I think my "people watching" highlight today was a dad trying/teaching his little girl to do cartwheels. They seemed to be having so much fun together.

My day was also filled with friends! I said good-bye for now to a great friend friend who is taking an adventure across the country (Francis), talked to 4 friends (Dan, Dani, Lucy, and Pamela) that I have not talked to WAY too long, made a new friend on the subway (Evan), and get to see my great friend tomorrow for the first time in three weeks! (Eric)

I am so blessed for the friendships I have , and the joy other people bring me. The daily interaction of my life with others makes my world so beautiful!

1 week and counting until I will officially be a student again! A grad student this time. Pretty nervous (2 years without studying seems to have put me a little far behind). But so stoked too!

Time to sleep now. Making an early (7:00am) trek to JFK :)